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We have 2 virtual high school retreats to offer your schools and parishes. Take a look at both themes and decide which is best for your students. Retreats come with a login to the platform, Facilitator Leader Guide and more!


This retreat will focus on our current situation, living through this pandemic, adapting to change, the importance of loving our neighbour, mental health and above all, holding onto hope in these difficult times. We have received many messages from young people that they feel disconnected from the world, their friends and even themselves. We feel there is an urgency to share the message of hope and inspire them to share that message with others through their faith and love.

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This retreat will focus on dealing with those difficult moments or times of struggle that we have in our lives. Sometimes we may be in this moment of calm where we feel we have a handle of things, other times we can feel like we have been overwhelmed by waves and storms. We want to offer a message of hope and healing that comes from reaching out to Christ in those moments. God will never give us a situation that we can’t handle or that He won’t provide us with a way out.

With God, we can get through even the toughest of storms.

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