All the programs below are done virtually!

  1. Confirmation Retreat (Virtual)

  2. Confirmation Preparation Program

  3. High School Retreat (Virtual)





This is a half day Virtual Retreat focusing on Candidates receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation! We have taken the Confirmation retreat that we run in person and adjusted much of it to fit into a virtual experience. Our program has been broken down into sections, so candidates can go through the program in a morning or afternoon as time permits.
Churches can organize for their candidates to run the virtual experience together on a specific date, or allow families to have the opportunity to experience it individually at home and complete by a specific date.

Parishes will register for our Retreat via our Platform. They can then add a personalized account for each student to log into. Parish leaders, Catechists, Youth Ministers or Confirmation Coordinators can keep track of the progress that every student has made. The platform does not allow you to move onto the next section unless the entire video is complete. At the end of every section, we have a few questions to answer regarding the video.


The Candidates will log into their account. Select the Retreat from their dashboard. Then go through each session one at a time until complete. Candidates cannot skip sessions or fast forward through videos.


The Program includes:

  • Welcome Video

  • Games

  • Activities

  • Guided Prayer and music

  • Talks

    • SESSION 1: "What do you want?"​

    • SESSION 2: "Why have the Mark?"

    • SESSION 3: "Hearing God's voice"

  • Powerful Prayer Session

  • Questions – to be done with a small group organized by the parish or with parents



HopeStone is excited to Launch our Virtual Confirmation Preparation Program and retreat!




We understand that retreats will look very different this upcoming school year 2020/2021.

We passionately believe that students can still have a positive spiritual experience on retreat during this time, either in person, in their classrooms or at home! We will be offering one Virtual retreat, with a brand new theme that can be offered for all high school students.

This retreat will focus on our current situation, living through this pandemic, adapting to change, the importance of loving our neighbour, mental health and above all, holding onto hope in these difficult times. We have received many messages from young people that they feel disconnected from the world, their friends and even themselves. We feel there is an urgency to share the message of hope and inspire them to share that message with others through their faith and love.

  • There are 3 sessions to this retreat

  • Each session is 30 minutes in length, with different elements

  • Elements are: games, talk with testimony, activity, discussions & prayer

  • Elements range in length of time, incase you need to adjust

  • Leaders can choose to run the retreat in 1 half day or break it up over 3 days.

  • All pre-recorded content.

  • Leaders can arrange virtual small groups on a platform of their choice.

  • Leaders can monitor progress for at home students.


Contact us for more details about this program and to discuss pricing and logistics.

We understand that every school and school board will handle retreats in a different manner and we will be as flexible as we possible can.