St. Anne's Roman 

Catholic Church

Parish Address: 115 Vodden Street East, Brampton ON  L6V 1M4

Contact the office of the Sacramental Coordinator Ms. Arlene Morgan

Tel: 905.453.1303  

Parish Email:

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Message from the parish!


Scheduled Timelines  - as of April 4th, 2021  

(subject to change due to the pandemic)

Sunday, January 24th  - Begin Sunday reflections after virtual Mass (until end of May)


Sunday, January 31st  - Online catechism class will open & you will receive your child's login and password

Wed. February 17th , 2021 - Ash Wednesday (the start of Lent)


April 2021 -  Sunday Reflection Form has been updated (continue to submit each week)


May 2021 - First Reconciliation Celebrations * (Tues & Thurs)


June 2021 - First Communion Celebrations * (Saturdays) 


*To-date,  we have NOT scheduled any dates since the lockdown has been recently lifted.  Both Sacraments have been tentatively been moved to next month.  Since the church has re-opened on March 15th as 15% capacity,   we have been extremely busy to clear the backlog from last year Candidates who did not receive their Sacraments due to lockdown.   Then Spring break is also approaching, thus we have not scheduled any dates till after the break.   As soon as we have further information,  you will receive another email.   I totally understand this is not the answer you want to hear, but I do appreciate your follow ups and everyone's patience.


Wishing you and your family a very blessed & joyful Easter Season!

~Ms. Arlene

Sacramental Coordinator

Weekly Sunday Reflections:

Be sure to write your reflection weekly, by clicking the yellow button below weekly. *Updated form - as of April 4th, 2021)

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"The Way" Platform: 

Your logins have been sent to the email address you provided to the parish. 

Be sure to check your junk-box! AFTER you've set your password, you can use this link to login to the platform. Be sure to only use the email address that you provided the parish. If you have multiple children in our programs and only provided one email address, look on the dashboard of the account and you'll see both programs.

A journey for the whole family

A First Reconciliation and First Communion preparation program meant to bring the whole family into the experience.

Dedicating 6 sessions for the child preparing for their Sacraments

and 6 sessions that are separate yet complementary for parents/caregivers. Parents we are hoping that you will watch the short video with your child and assist them in their activity.


We then have something special planned for you that includes reflections and personal testimonies from a range of amazing individuals. 

Each session can be completed in  20 - 30 minutes.

Session 1 - "The Journey"

God's creation, our gifts, our journey.

Session 2 - "The Climb"

Our sin, His Grace, our Saviour.

Session 3 - "The Refresh"

Part 1: Reconciliation, forgiveness, mercy.
Part 2: Mock First Reconciliation
Part 3: Examination of Conscience

Session 4 - "The Campsite"

Our hunger, nourishment, refueling.

Session 5 - "The Trial"

The supper, the sacrifice, the rising.

Session 6 - "The Summit"

Part 1: The celebration, the Eucharist, the Joy!
Part 2: Mock First Communion
Part 3: Church Tour

Thank you for being apart of this First Reconciliation & Communion Preparation. We truly hope and pray that it was fruitful. For more information about our Ministry visit or follow us on Social Media @hopestonecf 

God bless!

Peter, Stacey and the HopeStone Team

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