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In partnership with the Archdio of Toronto

The Archdiocese of Toronto is unveiling an expanded missionary program in partnership with the Office of Catholic Youth & HopeStone CF.


A vibrant missionary community of Catholic Young Adults dedicated to evangelizing within the Archdiocese of Toronto and beyond. A team of young adults will be recruited, trained and then sent into the Archdiocese to serve young people.


We welcome applicants who are open to committing 15 months to mission work from June to August of the following year for one of our two missions. A Retreat Missionary or a Campus Missionary.

Giving opportunities to young people to pursue their relationship with God and each other.


Our mission is to be connected in pursuit of Christ; connecting hearts one soul at a time and to bring others to an encounter with the risen Lord.


Traveling across the Archdiocese of Toronto and beyond, ministering and connecting to young people in grades 5 - 12 in schools and parishes. Sharing the life-giving message of authentic love, identity, faith, perseverance and hope. Giving opportunities to young people to pursue their relationship with God and each other. Reaching these students during retreats, workshops, conferences and more!


Campus Missionaries serve as part of a chaplaincy team on University/College campuses; we encounter, mentor and accompany post-secondary students, sharing our faith with a spirit of evangelization.



Missionaries live by a CODE OF MISSION in their pursuit to Christ. The code is meant to strengthen, grow, challenge, connect and deeply bind our relationship with God.


1. Life of Prayer

2. Living out Love

3. Humility

4. Self-Offering

Arrange a call with our Missionary Support Team to discuss this opportunity
Ask us about our “Discernment Package” to assist you in this process.

" Being a missionary has shown me that I can totally abandon myself to God and know that I can “hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23). And indeed, He has been beyond faithful, fulfilling the deepest desires of my heart to serve Him."
Testimonial from Andrea Nicole Carandang, Campus Missionary



Complete the following 4 steps:


  • Step 1: Resume and Cover Letter:

    • Head over to the Archdiocese Website to see the position posting, then send us your Resume and Cover Letter.

  • Step 2: References:

    • Prepare for us 3 References.

    • Please have one of your references be a member of Clergy.

    • State the person's name, email, phone number and relationship.

  • Step 3: Application Form:

    • We would like the opportunity to get to know you better.

    • Fill in our Application Form and share all about yourself and your desire to be a Missionary.

  • Step 4: Send Email:

    • Take your Resume, Cover Letter, References and Application Form and send an email over to us at:

If you are feeling uncertain about if this is for you - we really want to hear from you and speak with you regarding your interest in joining the mission. Please email us to set up a time to chat.

Visit for more details

Keep these missionaries in your prayers!
Email HopeStone to book your retreat today!

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